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Consulting in retail outlets is one of the most efficient ways to promote such goods as cosmetics or household appliance. This mechanic is relevant for products with a large number of characteristics. Providing a potential customer with detailed information about the product and demonstrating its advantages allows to switch the customer’s attention from competitive products to the promoted production. Consultant’s work helps to increase sales.

ALIDI provides consulting services on Procter&Gamble goods in retail outlets in more than 150 cities. 500 consultants work in this project.

Consulting project includes several programs:

  • Baby Care
    Diapers and wipes
  • Gillette
    Men’s and women’s razors, cassettes, shaving products
  • Oral Care
    Toothbrushes, toothpaste, electric toothbrushes, whitening stripes, mouthwash Oral-B and Blend-a-Med

The P&G consultant:

  • Explains good’s characteristics and advantages, demonstrates them
  • Stimulates retail outlets’ visitors making test purchase by giving free product samples, demonstration the advantages of the product, announcing promoting conditions
  • Stimulates retail outlets’ visitors to purchase goods from related categories, for example, diapers and wipes; switches the customers’ attention to more expensive goods, offers to buy a cost-effective packages

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